What are non marking shoes and why I have to wear that?
Non marking shoes have soles that come with not-so hard soles that don’t leave a mark on the surface. Most non marking shoes have non-black soles.

Regular shoes are bound to leave marks on the Badminton surfaces while playing as a lot of movement and pressure is involved on the court. This will end up creating scratches or shoe marks on the surface which damages the playing court and ready life of court. In order to tackle this, the facility recommend the use of shoes that have non marking soles.
Is non marking shoes a must?
If you are playing in one of our professional mats, we prefer that you wear a non marking shoes for you and others to enjoy the facility.

If you dont have one, you are permitted to play with socks on.
Do I have car parking at the facility?
We have enough car parking at Ethical Community Charter school location. Street parking at Jersey City Armory location.
I don't have a pair person to play with, how can I access the facility to play?
Please use the below link to join Jersey City Badminton Club whatsapp group, so we can find friends of similar interest.

And we will manage the booking.

Other means to connect.
1) Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JerseyCityBadmintonClub/
2) Email contact@jerseycitybadminton.com
Do we have personal trainer or do we have special classes?
At this point we don't have this option.
What is the process to cancel my booking?
You can call us at 201-779-6910 before 48hrs of your booking time and we will refund you the full booking amount to your credit card.